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What La Pods Factory is all about

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Our history

La Pods Factory is a factory specializing in the production of Smart Pods. We are market leaders, with over 8 years of know-how.
Taking advantage of our vast experience, we challenged ourselves to build a factory from scratch, with very distinct and different characteristics, thinking about a better future, respecting people and the planet.
Portugal was a strategic location, as it meets all the conditions we believe are necessary to develop a production of excellence.
Assuming our competencies, we work in a true team spirit, where innovation and technology, combined with the best means of production, allow us to develop and produce high-performance products.

A Guided Tour

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Our factory

We are leaders in the production of Smart Pods

Smart Pods









We are leaders in the production of ``Made in Portugal'' smart pods

Our Smart Pods are innovative and effective solutions

Technology and Development

Our strategy is to innovate. To do this, our technical and design team develops the best solutions to create a unique product on the market.

Services of Excellence

We are demanding, we are capable! We have always had a broad vision to meet our clients' challenges. Small and infinitely large, we are capable of thinking. Whether small or large projects, we are sensitive to the needs of the market.

Market leaders

We are leaders in the production of smart pods. Lapods Factory strives for the effective symbiosis between innovation and production that allows us to be recognized in the market, and valued by customers.


We believe in personal development and, to this end, we value and believe in teams.


We challenge ourselves to build a better future. A future that promotes progress while respecting the planet.

La Pods Factory around the world

We promote partnerships with distributors in several countries, allowing everyone to have access to our Smart Pods.

Visit our showroom

We have an exhibition space inside our factory, so you can try out our Smart Pods.

Rua de Mateus, 40
Fração K
Cond. Industrial
de Fonte Boa
4740-424 Esposende

+351 253 963 014

+351 914 576 550