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A global and integrated approach


The decision to implement and maintain the ISO 9001 standard in our organization represents a significant milestone in the improvement of our quality management. This process involved a detailed analysis of our procedures and practices, focusing on every aspect of our operations to the specific standards established by the norm. Processes are improved year after year, always in the pursuit of continuous improvement of the organization. By adopting the ISO 9001 standard, we have consolidated our commitment to quality, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction, establishing a solid foundation for sustainable growth and excellence in all spheres of our organization.

We are an ISO9001 certified company, by Abstractview


The materials we use in our smart pods are carefully selected and all the components comply with European regulations. Demanding throughout the construction process, we comply with the very low formaldehyde emission measurement protocol, according to the rules of the official California Air Resource Board (CARB2) in the wood of our cabins. The factory where the wood is produced has a Chain of Custody (CoC) in accordance with the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®). All of our wood comes from controlled felling forests (PEFC)™.

See below for a list of the components used in our smat pods, and the corresponding certificates from our partners


Low emission of formaldehyde - CARB2

The global challenge to reduce formaldehyde emissions in wood panels has been a demand in several European and American countries. This concern arises in order to limit human exposure to emissions of this substance, particularly when concentrated indoors, which can harm human health. To this end, since its launch in 2009, the regulatory body CARB - California Air Resources Board - has been reducing the emission limits imposed on different types of wood derivatives. In this way, our commitment to the sustainable use of raw materials could not be more demanding, respecting the environment and improving people's quality of life.



La Pods Factory guarantees excellent sound absorption in all its booths, as certified by an independent expert. High-performance tests have been carried out at the Faculty of Coimbra in Portugal to ensure that the space inside the booth has maximum insulation to provide a quiet and pleasant environment for your meetings. SYMBOL OF QUALITY AND GUARANTEE!



La Pods Factory has created a unique cabin air circulation system. A patented LPF system - ARS ® - which guarantees air renewal while the cabin is in use. This system provides users with a feeling of comfort and well-being, with healthy operating temperatures. This operation increases the efficiency of the cabin resulting in a system with lower energy consumption. It is a totally concealed ventilation system, so it allows for a space without any visual constraints, as there is no equipment in sight. MAXIMUM COMFORT AND HIGH EFFICIENCY!



The cabins at La Pods Factory are equipped with fully accessible conditions for their users. Under the PHMR - France, we have developed a special welcome in our booths to support people with disabilities or reduced mobility, so that they can also enjoy a space that is fully adapted to their needs. Our commitment to the best performance of our cabins is therefore to be as concerned and rigorous as possible with the operation required, and we have therefore made a wide range of products available to meet these requirements. TOTAL ACCESSIBILITY AND SAFETY!

Raw materials + 95% European

Respect for materials! We use the best raw materials: more than 95% are European.


Selecting partners who share the same kind of values that we uphold in terms of social responsibility is a priority for us. Our partners have certifications in accordance with recognized standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Ecolabel, among others. These certifications reinforce our commitment to high standards of quality and sustainability, highlighting the importance we attach to operational excellence and environmental responsibility in all our business partnerships.


Find the certifications for the components we use in our smart pods.


Avaliação de Fornecedores

Dear Supplier/Partner,
In order to meet the requirements of the NP EN ISO standard
9001:2015, we would like to inform you that the evaluation of our suppliers/
partners, will be carried out annually, on an ongoing basis, with the aim of reflecting the
overall performance related to the quality of the products and/or services provided. Such
The evaluation will be based on the following criteria:

Price/Payment Terms (compliance with agreed commercial terms);
 Compliance with delivery deadlines;
 Conformity of products/services (receipt control);
 Company Certification and Product Certification;
 After-sales services.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.